Lelia's Links

I've just dumped the list here...perhaps later I'll come back and improve it.  ;-)

Activities - Games, Activities & More (natural science) from Waterford Press- requires that you create a free account.
Alphabet - Bembo's Zoo

American History - Online Activities from the National Museum of American History

Gray's Anatomy Online
Virtual Body - English or Spanish

About Animals - Wildlife
Bagheera - A site devoted to endangered species.
Fish FAQ - From Woods Hole
Happenin' Habitats
Kid's Planet - Defenders of Wildlife
Life Cycle of a Salmon
Listen to Nature
Nature's Baby Tales by PBS
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
SeaWorld Animals
Shedd Aquarium
Who Am I?   Students listen to sounds to identify animals.
Anthropology - Written in Bone: Forensic Files of the 17th-Century Chesapeake

Archeology - The Archeology Channel Video Guide

Art - Articulation: Learning To Look At Art
Art - Art & Cooking - Suggestions for Freebies, Stages of Development, more.
Art - Art & Design (gr. 8-12)
Art - Art Recipes
Art - ARTstor - Images for education & scholarship.
Art - Arty Factory Free Art Lessons
Art - Carmine's Introduction to Color
Art - Education page from the Getty - Lesson plans, links to kid stuff & more.
Art - Explore Art - The Getty Museum - Includes a game section for kids.
Art - Great Performances Lesson Plans & Activities
Art - Kid's Muse - Interactive art activities for kids & families.
Art - KinderArt
Art - Met's Explore & Learn
Art - NGA Kids - National Gallery of Art Kid's Section
Art - Sister Wendy's American Collection - by PBS
Art - Summer Camp Crafts

Astronomy - Amazing Space
Astronomy - Astronomy for Kids
Astronomy - Imagine the Universe
Astronomy - Physics and Astronomy Fun
Astronomy - Solar System Explorer
Astronomy - Solar System Trading Cards
Astronomy - Space
Astronomy - Space Place
Astronomy - Star Child
Bingo - Bingo Card Generator
Bingo - Custom Bingo Cards

Biomes - Biomes of the World
Biomes - On the Prairie

Biology - BioEd Online - Biology Teacher Resources - MRSA & more

Birds - Peterson's Field Guide Online
Birds - Bird Watcher's Digest Online

Bridge - Nova's Build A Bridge

Bubbles - Bubbles
Bubbles - Bubblesphere
Bubbles - Secret Solutions

Bugs - Alien Empire
Bugs - Bug Bios
Bugs - The Bug Club
Bugs - Bug Catchers
Bugs - Butterflies & Bugs with Billy Bear
Bugs - Children's Butterfly Site
Bugs - Insectclopedia
Bugs - Welcome to the Hive - by PBS

Building - Building Homes of Our Own - Teachers may order a free CD
Building - Nova's Build A Bridge

Business Games/Sims - Gazillionaire - This is a download.
Business Games/Sims - Lemonade Larry - Multiplication practice.
Business Games/Sims - Rags to Riches - You must register to play.
Business Games/Sims - Young Investors - For kids, teens, parents, teachers.
Calendar - Earth Calendar - Holidays and celebrations around the world.
Calendar - 2008 Calendars for Teachers

Camping - Songs for Camp

Carle, Eric - Caterpillar Exchange - This is a bulletin board where teachers
                 and parents using Eric Carle’s books in creative ways can
                 submit their ideas.

Character Education - Free resources, materials and lesson plans.

Chemistry - Animated Periodic Table
Chemistry - ChemiCool - Periodic table and more.
Chemistry - Periodic Table Adventure
Chemsitry - Video Periodic Table
Chess - Academic Chess
Chess - Chess Kids Academy - Birmingham News

CIA - Kid's Page
CIA - The World Factbook

Civil War - Civil War Lesson Plans

Clip Art - Also see "Images"
Clip Art - Animal Clip Art
Clip Art - Classroom Clip Art - Has lots of ads.
Clip Art - Clip Art by Subscription
Clip Art - Dino Clip Art
Clip Art - Educational Clip Art from Teacher Files
Clip Art - GIFs Now
Clip Art - Kaboose Clip Art & Icons
Clip Art - Pics 4 Learning
Clip Art - Tim-Tim - Free Drawings for non-commercial use.

Collaborative Projects - Bucket Buddies
Collaborative Projects - Classroom Collaboration - By Classroom Connect.
Collaborative Projects - Collaborative Projects from the C.I.E.S.E.
Collaborative Projects - Collaborative Math Projects
Collaborative Projects - Global School Internet Projects Registry

Community Building - Tribes

Computer - Hardware - Focus on PC Support
Computer  - Hardware -How to Clean an LCD Monitor
Computer - Hardware - Intel's The Journey Inside
Computer - Hardware - Take a Look Inside Your PC

Computer Lesson Plans - Detective Digit and the Slap Happy Computer Caper
Computer Lesson Plane - Growing With Technology 
Computer Lesson Plans - Keyboarding
Computer Lesson Plans - Spreadsheet Resources
Computer Safety - Anti-Phishing Phil
Computer Safety - Carnegie CyberAcademy
Computer Safety - CISCO - Peter Packet
Computer Safety - Cyberchase - PBS Kids
Computer Safety - ID the Creep
Computer Safety - i-SAFE
Computer Safety - Netiquette Home Page
Computer Safety - NetSmartz for Kids
Computer Safety - NetSmartz for Teens
Computer Safety - Web License from PBS Kids
Computer Software - Free software
Computer Software - Kidspiration & Inspiration
Computer Software - Mrs. Sterlings WordPad

Computer Software Lesson Plans - School Spreadsheet Safari
Computer Software Lesson Plans - Spreadsheet
Computer Software Lesson Plans - Spreadsheet Resources

Computer Software Tutorials - actDEN

Congress - Congress For Kids
Congress - CongressLink

Cooking for the Classroom
Cooking in the Classroom - Easy Recipes for Kids
Cooking in the Classroom - Picture Recipes - Words and pictures!

Cooperative Learning - Cooperative Learning
Cooperative Learning - Cooperative Learning Center

Crafts - DLTK's Printable Crafts
Crafts - Kaboose Crafts
Crafts - Make Stuff
Darwin, Charles - Darwin Correspondence Project
Dewey Decimal System - Do We Really Know Dewey?

Digital Cameras - 1001 Uses for Digital Cameras
Digital Cameras - Make a Digital Quilt
Digital Cameras - Smile! Digital Cameras Can Make Your Day
Digital Storytelling - Microsoft site - free software, ideas, templates & more
Digital Storytelling - NewsMaker software - turn your students into
                             broadcasters - free 30 day trial

Dinosaurs - Crafts from Kaboose
Dinosaurs - Dino Clip Art
Dinosaurs - Dinosaur Theme Page
Dinosaurs - Dinosaur World -  Game to download from BBC
Dinosaurs - Dinosaurs In Their Time & PaleoLab by Carnegie Museum
Dinosaurs - Prehistoric Life from the BBC
Dinosaurs - Surf the Net With Kids Dinosaurs

Dissections - Does Classroom Dissection Deplete Species, Encourage 
                  Cruelty to Animals?  
Dissections - Froguts - Subscription
Dissections - Net Frog
Dissections - Owl Pellet Dissection from KidWings.com
Dissections - Virtual Frog Dissection & Virtual Frog Builder

Drama - Children's Creative Theater (gr. 4-8)
Drama - Creative Drama & Theater Education Resource Site
Drama - Readers Theater
Drawing/Painting Software - Free and Online unless otherwise noted
Art Pad
All My Magic Sketching Tool
Draw Anywhere - flowcharts and diagrams
Flash Paint
Kerpoof Studio
Pencil - You must download this program -  Versions for Win, Mac & Linux
Queeky Paint
QuikMaps - Draw on Google Maps
Tux Paint - Download this program for Mac, Win, Linux & more.
More to come ;-)
Drawing LessonsDrawSpace
Early Childhood - Themes for the Early Childhood Educator

Election - Prepare Your Students to Vote

Electricity - Electric Circuit
Electricity - Electrical Safety World
Electricity - Electricity Book
Electricity - Learning Power
Electricity - Power Up!

Email - ePals - Teacher-managed email accounts for students.
          When students have email addresses, they can sign up
          for services like Google Docs, Google Notebook, etc.
Email - Gaggle - Another school email service.                

Email Lesson Plans - Email Etiquette
Email Lesson Plans - Emoticons
Email Lesson plans - Write Right Back: Recognizing Readers’ Needs
                            and Expectations for E-mail Replies

English - Web English Teacher
Fonts - Acid Fonts
Fonts - Free Handwriting Fonts for Teachers - Some free, some commercial.
Fonts - Lumos & Parseltongue Font  - Mac & Win for Harry Potter Fans.

Forensics - Visible Proofs:  Forensic Views of the Body
Forensics - Written in Bone: Forensic Files of the 17th-Century Chesapeake

Free Software - Adobe Photoshop Express - Free, light version.
Free Software - Audacity - Audacity is free, open source software for
                      recording and editing sounds. To export to mp3 you will
                      need the Lame encoder.
Free Software - AVG Anti-virus and AVG Anti-spyware Remember it's only
                      good if you keep it updated!

Free Software - Google Docs offers free online creation and storage of
                      documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
Free Software - Google Pack - Currently consists of: Google Earth, Norton
                      Security Scan, Google Desktop, Firefox with Google Toolbar,
                      Adobe Reader, Skype, StarOffice, Google Toolbar for IE,
                      Spyware Doctor,  Picassa, Google Photos Screensaver,
                      Google Talk, Real Player. Choose what you'd like from this
                      smorgasbord of software.
Free Software - Google SketchUp
Free Software - KillDisk - Be sure data is erased from your harddrive.
Free Software - Microsoft Photo Story
Free Software - Open Office.org Compatible with all other major office suites,
                      the product is free to download, use, and distribute.
Free Software - Owl & Mouse Educational Software
Free Software - PC Decrapifier removes many common trial programs and
                      offers from new computers.
Free Software -  Scratch - From MIT: Scratch is a new programming
                       language that makes it easy to create your own interactive
                       stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share
                       your creations on the web.
Free Software - Spyware Blaster
Free Software - Tux Paint is completely free software, released as
                      “Open Source” software, under the provisions of the GNU
                       General Public License (GPL).

Free your music from DRM  - Article by Bob Rankin

Frogs - Frogland!
Games - Cardboard Cognition - A sourcebook of ideas for educational card
            and board games.
Games - Elections - online adventure in politics.
Games - Funbrain Game Finder
Games - Great Game List
Games - Kids Games

Gardening - My First Garden - Also in Spanish.

Geography - Browse the World at Mr. Dowling.com
Geography - Digital Photo Archive from the American Geographical Society
Geography - Explore the States
Geography - GeoBee Challenge
Geography - Geo-Globe
Geography - GeoNet
Geography - Geography - From About.com
Geography - My Wonderful World - From National Geographic
Geography - Postcards From America
Geography - Where is That? From Funbrain

Geology - Essentials of Geology: An Introduction to Planet Earth
Geology - Rock Cycle Annimations
Geology - Rocks and Minerals - Elementary theme.

Geometry - Geometry Through Art

Glyphs - Gingerbread Man - From Mailbox magazine.
Glyphs - Glyphs - From Teachers.net
Glyphs - I'm a Star!
Glyphs - Penguin Glyph

Google - See Free Software

Government - Democracy Project - From PBS
Government - FirstGov for Kids

Graphic Organizers - Graphic Organizers
Graphic Organizers - Graphic Organizers Worksheets
Graphic Organizers - Software - Kidspiration & Inspiration
Handwriting - Handwriting for Kids - Sheets to download

Harry Potter - Fonts - Lumos Parseltongue Font  - Mac & Win
Harry Potter - Harry Potter Fans.com
Harry Potter - Scholastic H.P. site
Harry Potter - Wizard Crafts

Health - KidsHealth
Health - Moving and Learning

Heroes - HeroicStories

Hypothesis-based Learning - HBL4U - A paradigm for teaching science.

History - America's Stories - From the Library of Congress
History - Birth of a Nation - Teachers Guide - Animated Atlas.com
History - Engaging Students in American History
History - History and Politics Outloud
History - History of televised Presidential debates.
History - Microfilm Gallery - History through old newspaper ads.
History - Passing of a Century
History - This Day in History
History - Year by Year 1900-2008
History - You be the Historian

Hoaxes - April Fools Day Lesson Plan
Hoaxes - Dihydrogen Monoxide - I have my students do a project on the
             "dangers" of DHMO every couple of years & don't reveal that it
             is a hoax until they are done.  :-)
Hoaxes - Hoaxbusters
Hoaxes - Hoax? Scholarly Research? Personal Opinion? You Decide!
Hoaxes - Urban Legends Reference Page

Holidays - The Earth Calendar
Holidays - Holiday Activities - From KinderStart.
Holidays - The Holiday Spot
Holidays - The Holiday Zone
Homework - See Research Project Calculator
Images - Life.com image collection free to use by teachers and students

Insects - See Bugs
Internet Safety - Anti-Phishing Phil - Good for adults too!
Internet Safety - Carnegie CyberAcademy
Internet Safety - CISCO - Peter Packet
Internet Safety - Cyberchase - PBS Kids
Internet Safety - ID the Creep
Internet Safety - i-SAFE
Internet Safety - Netiquette Home Page
Internet Safety - NetSmartz for Kids
Internet Safety - NetSmartz for Teens
Internet Safety - Web License from PBS Kids
Inventions - Hall of Fame - Search by invention or inventor
Inventions - Invention Dimension
Inventions - United States Patent Office Kid's Page
Typing Defense
Life Skills - Solutions for Your Life

LiteratureCyberGuide - Supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered
                units of instruction centered on core works of literature.
Database of Award Winning Children's Literature
Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes:How to Find a Novel, Short Story
                or Poem Without Knowing its Title or Author
Mad Libs - Wacky Web Tales

Do-it-yourself Color Coded State Maps
Maps of the World Geographic.org - Has guidelines for using their
          maps on your website.
Online Map Creation
Outline Maps
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection 
Planiglobe - Beta version
Printable Maps - From National Atlas.gov
Xpeditions Atlas Maps Made for Printing - From National Geographic

Math - Abacus: The Art of Calculating With Beads
Math - Absurd Math
Math - Amazing Abacus
Math - Base 10 Blocks
Math - Binary Numbers - Lesson Plan Gr.6-9
Math - Brainormous - Games, some to play for free, some to try and buy.
Math - Brain Food - Logic and Word Puzzles
Math - Breaking Away from the Math Book - Projects Gr. K-12
Math - Cool Math
Math - Count On - Interactive games and more.
Math - Create A Graph
Math - Cyberchase PBS Kids - Cyberchase teaches kids that math is
          everywhere, everyone can be good at it, and it's fun!
Math - Discovery School Math Links
Math - Escape from Knab - Educational simulation involving financial
          decision making.
Math - Experience Math & Science With Gizmos
Math - Exploring Data
Math - Fractions - Fractions
Math - Fractions - No Matter What Shape Your Fractions Are In
Math - Graph Goodies - Gr. K-2
Math - Math Goodies
Math - Math is Fun!
Math - Math Nerds - Free math help and tutoring.
Math - Mathematics Lessons That Are Fun, Fun, Fun!
Math - Mega-Mathematics - From Los Alamos
Math - Measurement Worksheets - English & Metric
Math - Money
Math - National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Math - Pi - Make a Pi Day Necklace
Math - Pi - Pi Day Songs
Math - Pi - The Story of Pi
Math - Primary Games
Math - PUMAS - Practical Use of Math and Science - From NASA.
Math - Roman Numeral Converter - Works both directions.
Math - Tessellate!
Math - Tessellations - Create with Paint
Math - Tessellation Method With Paint
Math - Tessellations Symmetry and Art
Math - Tessellation Tutorials
Math - What Are Tessellations?
Math - Worksheets

Media Awareness - Action for Media Education - Lesson plans and more.
Media Awareness - Instructional Materials in Media Literacy/Studies 
Media Awareness - Media Awareness Network

Money - Change Maker
Money - Electric Money
Money - H.I.P. Pocket Change - U.S. Mint
Money - The History of Money
Money - It's My Life: Money - PBS Kids
Money - Play Moneopolis - Where money sense rules!
Money - Practical Money Skills For Life - Look for free classroom resources.
Money - We're In the Money - Education World Lesson Plans

Museums - Exploratorium - Museum of art, science & human perception.
Museums - Louvre
Museums - MuseumLink's Museum Museum - List U.S. & Canadian and
               some International museums.
Museums - Smithsonian Education
Museums - Smithsonian Resources - Search by keyword.

Music - ArtsAlive Instrument Lab
Music - Children's Songs
Music - Edugate's Music Hall
Music - Energy in the Air: Sounds of the Orchestra
Music - Jazz - PBS
Music - Music Teacher's Resource Site
Music - Musically Inclined - "The Ultimate Music Reference"
Music - New York Philharmonic Kid's Zone
Music - Patriotic Music - The story behing the songs.
Music - SFK Music Lab 
Music - Songs for Teaching
Music - Strings in the Mountains - Multimedia presentation of Mozart's
           "Magical Life and Music".
Music - Symphony: An Interactive Guide

Mythology - MythWeb - Greek mythology
Mythology - Encyclopedia Mythica

Names - Behind the Name - The etymology and history of first names.

NASA - Kid's Club

Native Americans - First Nations Histories
Native Americans - First Nations Seeker
Native Americans - Native American Craft Unit
Native Americans - Native Networks
Native Americans - Virginia's Indians, Past & Present

Netiquette - Netiquette Home Page
News - Today's Front Pages from the Nuseum - 729 front pages from 68 countries - Some front pages may contain material that is objectionable to some visitors. Viewer discretion is advised.
Newspapers - New York Times Learning Network - Gr. 3-12
Newspapers - World Newspapers and Magazines
Oceans - Exploring Oceans on the Web
Oceans - Life on the Rocky Shore
Oceans - Living Fossils of the Deep
Oceans - Oceans Alive!
Oceans - Shedd Aquarium - Lesson plans, interacives and more

Optical Illusions - Exploratorium
Optical Illusions - Exciting World of Optical Illusions

Paper Airplanes - Paper Airplanes
Paper Airplanes - Dare to Fly With Class - Lesson Plan

PDA - PDA Participatory Simulations

Peace - Tolerance.org - Fight hate and promote tolerance.
Peace - Random Acts of Kindness

Phonics - Phonics and Phonemic Awareness for Young Learners

Physics - Amusement Park Physics
Physics - Physics and Astronomy Fun

Plagiarism - Plagiarism and the Web
Plagiarism - Detecting Plagiarism & Preventing It

Poetry - Giggle Poetry
Poetry - Lyrical Lessons Online
Poetry - Poetry Archive

Polar - Exploratorium: Ice Stories

Portfolios - Portfolio Assessment
Portfolios, digital - Common Software Tools for Creating Digital Portfolios
Portfolios, digital - Getting Started With Digital Portfolios

Posters - Free Printable 5x7 posters with option to purchase larger.
Project Organizers - See Research Project Calculator

Prehistoric Life from the BBC

Pintables - PDF Pad - Documents you can download and print.  Graph paper,
                calendars, Sudoku and more.
Pintables - Preschoollearners.com

Audacity & Lame - open source software for podcasting
Classroom Audio Podcasting
How to Create Your Own Podcast
How to Podcast
Kirk's Eight Rules of Podcasting
Podcasting by learninginhand
Podcasting in Education
Podcasting in the Classroom
Science - Anatomy - Gray's Anatomy Online
Science - Bad Science
Science - Bad Science - Recurring Misconceptions In K-6 Textbooks
Science - Cool Science for Curious Kids
Science - Experience Math & Science With Gizmos
Science - From Egg to Chick
Science - How Everyday Things Are Made
Science - The Jason Project
Science - Life Science Safari
Science - Science Classroom Resources - From US NSF
Science - Science Lab
Science - Science Master
Science - Science Mysteries to Solve - National Health Museum
Science - Science News for Kids
Science - Science Objects - From NSTA
Science - Science Toys You Can Make With Your Kids
Science - Sprocket Works
Science - Traditions of the Sun - Explore the world's ancient observatories.
Science - Try Science
Science - Who Wants to Win a $1,000,000? - Science game - Jefferson Lab
Science - The Why Files - Science behind the news.

Scientific Method - A Valid Conclusion? Testing and Reporting on Hypotheses
                                                                                      Using the Scientific Method

Scientific Method - ArtsEdge: Scientific Impressions
Scientific Method - Mythbusters - Scientific Inquiry
Scientific Method - Science Spot:  Scientific Method and More
Scientific Method -  Steps of the Scientific Method
Scientific Method - Time For Kids - Scientific Method

Seuss, Dr. - Seussville University
Shapes - Shape Book Patterns

Software - See Free Software

Solar Oven
Spelling Match

Spreadsheets - see Computers

Stock Market - EduStock

Storytelling - Story Art

Supreme Court - Oyez
Teacher Site - 4Teachers - Teach with technology.
Teacher Site - A to Z Teacher Stuff - Some free some paid material.
Teacher Site - ABC Teach
Teacher Site - Apple Learning Interchange
Teacher Site - Cyberbee
Teacher Site - edHelper.com
Teacher Site - EducationWorld
Teacher Site - FunBrain's Teacher Resources
Teacher Site - Global SchoolNet
Teacher Site - Google for Educators
Teacher Site - Hot Chalk's Lesson Plans
Teacher Site - Kathy Shrock's Guide
Teacher Site - Lesson Plans 4 Teachers
Teacher Site - NOW Classroom
Teacher Site - Microsoft in Education
Teacher Site - Models for Student Web-based Research
Teacher Site - PBS Teachers
Teacher Site - Teachnet.com
Teacher Site - Teacher Files
Teacher Site - Teachers First
Teacher Site - Teachers' Domain
Teacher Site - TeacherTube - Online community for sharing instructional,
                      teacher videos.
Teacher Site - TechLEARNING

Teeth - Healthy Teeth

Templates - Big Huge Labs - Create and print projects online.
Templates - The Print Zone
Templates - Timeline Maker

Terrorism & Tolerance

Tessellations - See Math

Thematic Units for Primary Grades 

Time - Clocks...Teaching Time
Time - Telling Time Worksheets

Timelines - xtimeline - create timelines online

Translator - Babel Fish
Virginia History - Written in Bone: Forensic Files of the 17th-Century Chesapeake

Virtual Fieldtrips - GeologyLink
Virtual Fieldtrips - Glacier National Park
Virtual Fieldtrips - Tramline
Virtual Fieldtrips - Colonial Williamsburg

Virtual Volcano

Vocabulary - Vocabulary.com
Weather - Weather Watch - Interactive project
Web Weather for Kids
Webpage Creation ToolsFaveicon Drawing Program
Word Games
Word Games including keyboarding games.